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Welcome to GeoTech Foundation Company - West®
Formerly Geopier Foundation Company - West*
Our years of experience with engineered aggregate piers allows us to offer our GeoRam® Engineered Aggregate Pier systems that will meet or exceed all of your engineering and performance specifications at a cost that is highly competitive.   >READ MORE<


MAY 2018
Record year with nearly 500 projects completed!


JUN 2012
GTFC-West Earns Safety First Gold Award


July 8, 2011 Webcam: See and hear construction process


July 7, 2011 GTFC-W gets new website


April 8, 2011 Geopier® Foundation Company - West officially begins operating under the name GeoTech Foundation Company - West®


March 21, 2011 Base Geopier® patent expires

From March 1995 to March 2011, Geotech Foundation Company-West® designed and constructed engineered aggregate pier systems under license from the Geopier Foundation Company. Completed projects shown may include projects while under license with that company, but the inclusion of any such project is not meant to represent any current affiliation with Geopier Foundation Company, as there is none. Geopier®, Geopier Foundation Company®, and Rammed Aggregate Pier® are registered trademarks of the Geopier Foundation Company.
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