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GeoRam® Engineered Foundations

Engineered Aggregate Piers are densely compacted aggregate piers that improve the soils in which they are installed. EAPs are constructed with specialized ramming equipment in pre-drilled cavities (usually 18"-36" diameter) and can resist both compression loading and uplift forces.

The piers can range from 5' to 30' in length and typically achieve an improvement in soil bearing capacity ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 psf. With the use of casing, EAPs can be constructed below ground water in all soils ranging from peat to loose clean sands to soft clays.

The combination of constructing the piers in pre-excavated cavities and the lateral stress build-up that results from the specialized ramming equipment, are the key elements that set the Engineered Aggregate Piers apart from other pier or stone column systems.

Why GeoRam® EAPs?

The Engineered Aggregate Pier foundation system should be considered

  • Where overexcavation and replacement is required.
  • When deep foundations such as piles or caissons are required.
  • Where settlement control is essential.
  • In earthquake-prone areas
  • On sites with restricted access or overhead.
  • For building additions and expansions.
  • For poorly compacted fill, debris fill, and organic fill

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