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GeoBase® Method of Dynamic Subgrade Improvement


GeoBase® is a shallow soil improvement method for increasing soil stiffness by controlled impact ramming. Utilizing a modified hydraulic breaker with an energy transfer foot and confinement ring, the high magnitude force provides soil stiffness improvement to depths of 3’ to 6’ depending upon soil type.

The GeoBase® method can be applied at the subgrade level or at the scheduled bottom-of-footing level when needed to improve soils below the planned footings.

The controlled impact loading on the energy transfer foot coupled with electronic monitoring of results allows the GeoBase® system to achieve a uniform subgrade improvement at each treatment location. Below ground weak or suspect zones are easily identified. Field confirmation testing is done using electronic monitoring, the Soil Stiffness Gauge and a Static Cone Penetrometer.


Consider GeoBase® as an effective, efficient alternative to overexcavation and replacement.

  • Ideal for 1-2 story buildings and sandy soils
  • Improves subgrade in-place
  • Eliminates the need for excavation and replacement filling
  • Install beneath footings
  • Use to improve support of floor slab on-grade
  • Convenient, fast and cost-effective

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