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Frequently Asked Questions about the GeoRam® Engineered Aggregate Pier System

Q: What is it about GeoRam Engineered Aggregate Piers that constitutes a Value Engineering Technology?
GeoRam engineering represents a viable, verifiable foundation technology in-between deep and shallow foundations. GeoRam Engineered reinforcement was developed to take maximum advantage of soil's unique engineering behavior.

Q: What are some examples of these conditions?
Soft, fine-grained soils, loose, coarse-grained soils, poorly-compacted fill soils, debris or organic fill soils, and peat.

Q: What other special uses for GeoRam Engineered reinforcement have proven to be highly effective in addition to settlement control for buildings?
(1) High Capacity uplift anchors. Columns with over 400 kip uplift loads have been supported by Engineered Aggregate Pier anchor elements.
     (2) Landslide stabilization.
     (3) Retaining walls, highway embankments, bridge approaches
     (4) Slabs on-grade.
     (5) Storage silos.
     (6) Tunnel system reinforcement and pavement stabilization.

Q: What equipment is used for constructing Engineered Aggregate Pier elements?
: GeoTech Foundation Company - West performs complete design and build of the GeoRam system utilizing its own equipment. One GTFC-West crew is typically comprised of a drill rig (truck mounted or dangle drill), one excavator with the specialized tamper attached to the energy source, and one skid steer for moving aggregate. If pier cavities require casing in order to keep the holes open, then a fourth piece of equipment is added.

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