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Our in-house GeoRam® Technical Services design group consists of licensed geotechnical engineers with extensive prior experience in geotechnical analysis and design throughout the United States and Southwestern Canada.

The GeoFoundation System™
Design-Build packages include:

  • Consultation and interaction with the project team from Schematics through the detailed Record Drawing and Data Report
  • Preliminary design and cost analysis
  • Final design and Stamped/Sealed Design Submittals
  • On-Site Quality Control inspection supervised by our licensed Geotechnical Engineers
  • On-Site full-scale load testing and formal report - confirming design parameters

Every GTFC-West design package is subject to rigorous in-house peer review and quality assurance prior to submission to your project team for permitting. Every drawing and specification is carefully reviewed to assure economical and practical constructability.


  • Experienced, practical Geotechnical Engineers
  • Engineers Over 15 years of Engineered Aggregate Pier design and construction experience
  • Comprehensive Quality Control from the design phase clear through to submission of detailed Record Drawing and Data Report
  • We care about your project, and show it by being prompt, thorough, responsive, and clean

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