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Chance Helical Anchors®


Since 1912, Chance® has been the leader in steel helical earth anchoring systems. For your helical pier applications, GTFC-West engineers rely on the analytical tools and years of empirical data developed and proven by the Chance Company.

Consider Chance® Helical Piers as an alternative foundation support system for light commercial/industrial buildings whenever the structural loads and soil conditions are such that helical piers are most appropriate and cost effective. Chance® Helical Piers can be used in combination with other GeoFoundation Systems™ to augment footing uplift, resistance to earthquakes, and/or high groundwater.

Chance® Helical Tiebacks are sized for specific load applications for support of earth retaining walls. Chance Instant Foundation® piers are ideal for DOT, utility lighting and power tower applications in tough terrain.


  • Reach Competent soild below active zone
  • Predictable via torque-to-capacity ratio
  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • Loads may be immediatly applied
  • Installs in limited access
  • Installs in any weather condition


Clean-tech considerate, the true helix geometry of the steel bearing plates minimizes soil disturbance during the vibration-free installation. Requiring a limited installation access, Chance anchors are resource friendly and leave a minimum footprint. The geo-environmental tiedown and support systems for walkways, pipelines and storage tanks are appropriate in sensitive wetlands and other eco-cultural areas where minimal disturbance is a necessity. Quick. Clean. Green.

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