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Benefits of the GeoRam® Engineered System

Why chose the GeoRam® Engineered System?
The GeoRam® Engineered Aggregate Pier foundation system has a long, proven track record of providing foundation cost savings; superior, unmatched settlement control; and high design bearing pressure for footings.

Cost savings can come from:

• Concrete savings from reduced footing sizes
• Elimination of pile caps and grade beams
• Elimination of the need to overexcavate and re-compact fill
• Ability to earth-form Engineered Aggregate Pier-supported spread footings
• Reduction in project schedule due to speed of GeoRam® Engineered systems installation
• After pier installation is complete, the site is left clean, neat and ready for footing excavation
• No surprises. Once the GeoRam® Engineered system has been installed, uncertainty has been eliminated

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