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About GeoTech Foundation Company - West®


  • Our company specializes in the design and construction of the GeoRam® Design Engineered Aggregate Pier (EAP) and GeoBase® Dynamic Subgrade Improvement.

  • Principals in our firm are licensed geotechnical engineers with extensive prior experience in geotechnical analysis and design, including 15 years of design/build experience of the Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® systems, although GFTC-West is now an independent company, no longer affiliated with Geopier Foundation Company Inc.®. (See note below.)

Our years of experience with engineered aggregate piers allows us to offer our GeoRam® Engineered Aggregate Pier (EAP) systems that will meet or exceed all of your engineering and performance specifications at a cost that is highly competitive.

  • Our pier systems are offered in conjunction with our proprietary rammer deflection monitoring technology to help ensure proper pier formation.
GeoRam Technical Services provide a complete design/build package for the GeoFoundation Systems™, including:

                                      Consultation and interaction with the project design team from the Schematics phase
                                      through Design Development and construction

                                      Preliminary design and cost estimate

                                      Final design and stamped design submittals

                                      Lump sum quotations

                                      On-site Quality Control inspection supervised by one of our licensed geotechnical engineers

                                      On-site, full-scale load testing and formal report to confirm design parameters

                                      Detailed Record Drawing and Data Report documenting data for each
                                      foundation element installed.

  • We will design and construct GeoFoundation Systems™ anywhere in the world for any project, large or small.
  • Our drilling and compacting equipment adapts readily to most track-mounted excavators, so in emergencies we can mobilize an experienced crew on short notice, and if necessary can use excavators and operators of other subcontractors that may already be on-site.
  • When one of the GeoFoundation Systems™ is appropriate for the project and site conditions, our company offers better foundation performance, reduced time on the construction schedule, and excellent cost savings.
  • Please contact us for references --- owners, contractors, architects, structural engineers, and geotechnical engineers.

From March 1995 to March 2011, Geotech Foundation Company-West® designed and constructed engineered aggregate pier systems under license from the Geopier Foundation Company. Completed projects shown may include projects while under license with that company, but the inclusion of any such project is not meant to represent any current affiliation with Geopier Foundation Company, as there is none. Geopier®, Geopier Foundation Company®, and Rammed Aggregate Pier® are registered trademarks of the Geopier Foundation Company.


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